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Bottling a Car Bomb

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

About a week ago, we bottled our first brew!  We syphoned it into a new bucket with a tap, cleaned and sanitized all our tubing and bottles, and about 30 minutes later had 30 12oz bottles and a Pint bottle capped and sitting the in closet to carbonate!

TIP: Remember kids, twist tops will not seal fully with a none twist cap!  We had a generous donation of about 50 bottles that ended up being useless to us as they were twist offs.

We’ll let the bottled carb another week or so, planning on chilling and cracking open our first beers on Sunday!


Quick Update

We just opened up our Irish Car Bomb Stout since it’s been fermenting for over a week, and has stopped showing signs that it needs to ferment further.

GOOD NEWS!!! It appears that our wort darkened considerably while fermenting!  It’s almost black now.  I’d call it either a very dark Brown Ale, or a light Stout.  We took a little taste test and it actually tastes like a beer!  It’s not exactly what we wanted, but we can definitely taste some alcohol in it, although it is obvious that we did in fact add too much water and that hurt the other flavors.

So, we’re going to bottle up half of it tomorrow, as it’s worth saving at least half the batch for light sipping.  Now that we’ve learned from our mistakes, we’ll probably start our second brew (A Brown Ale) next week.